Poor Man’s Burnt Ends

2 weeks ago

bites in BBQ is a perfectly cooked burnt end from a well marbled brisket point. Unfortunately to make a burnt end you’ll most likely need to purchase a 16lb whole packer brisket to get the point muscle. This recipe [..] read more

Texas Pulled Pork

2 weeks ago

nly needs salt, pepper and smoke. This method is one of our favorite ways of cooking and really highlights the flavor of the pork and the aroma of the smoke. Ingredients 1 boston butt Rub mix of 50% kosher salt and 50% [..] read more

Smokehouse Cookies

2 months ago

ever had pig candy…you’ve never really lived. It’s the thing dreams are made of, its sweet, salty and a little smokey. We’ve taken our famous pig candy and combined it with smoked pecans and chocolate [..] read more

Russian Shashlik

9 months ago

gh to spend two summers in Russia back in the early 2000s. During my stay there on the beaches near Vladivostok, we discovered some amazing Shashlik from the local outdoor food vendors. Shashlik is Russia’s version of [..] read more

Memphis Style Ribs

9 months ago

great rib recipe all the way from Memphis. Memphis dry ribs are savory and spicy with a great smokey crust. If you are getting tired of the standard sweet rib and looking to branch out this recipe will do the [..] read more

Fire Roasted Porchetta

9 months ago

#8217;ve been wanting to for a while now. This recipe is what every meal should be. Rich and succulent pork belly combine perfectly with the tender pork loin giving the dish the true taste of what pork can be. Difficulty: [..] read more

Peach Whiskey Ribs

10 months ago

are now in season and it’s also the BBQ season, add some of Tennessee’s favorite and this sweet, smokey and spicy recipe will make you the star of the next summer party. Ingredients 2 racks of Baby Back Ribs GMG [..] read more

Asian Style BBQ Ribs

11 months ago

y to bring some life into those standard ribs. These Asian inspired ribs have a punch of flavor and will give you a new outlook on what BBQ ribs can be. Ingredients 1 rack of baby back ribs black pepper 1/4 cup of orange [..] read more

Reuben Bombs

12 months ago

the GMG. We took this classic sandwich took away the rye, added some smoke and bacon and created this one of a kind meal. Ingredients  2lbs of ground beef 1 tsp of salt 1 tsp of pepper 1 tsp of garlic salt 1 tsp of crushed [..] read more

Smoked BBQ Beans

1 year ago

kick up that standard can of baked beans by adding some sweet, savory, spicy and smoke to them. Honestly no one really has the time to soak beans and spend all that time cooking them, so we will take the short cut with this [..] read more

Honey Jalapeno Baby Backs

1 year ago

ions week end and week out We’ve cooked our fare share of ribs. With this recipe we wanted to simplify the rib cooking process and go as minimal as possible, letting that pork flavor shine. Of course we had to add that [..] read more

Smoked Pastrami

1 year ago

day is over and stores are offering corned beef at rock bottom prices. Take advance of these deals and try something new. Our pastrami recipe is so simple will have you going back to the store to fill up your [..] read more

Smoked Beef Stew

1 year ago

of comfort food or something to serve on St Patrick’s Day? We have the perfect beef stew combining Guinness and smoke for a rich and hearty flavor. Ingredients 2 lb of stew beef or chuck roast cut into 1/2 in cubes [..] read more

Jerk Chicken

1 year ago

your night? We have the perfect hot and spicy recipe, this Jerk chicken recipe brings the heat along with a ton of flavor. Ingredients 4 chicken leg quarters Marinade 1 cup of orange juice 1 1/4 cup of soy sauce 1 tablespoon [..] read more

Tri Tip Skewers

1 year ago

is a must try recipe, the perfect balance of garlic and herbs brings out the rich taste of the tri tip. Add some portobello mushrooms, onions and of course some smoke and you have a meal fit for a king… or your beloved [..] read more

Jalapeño Popper Dip

1 year ago

ested appetizers for any party we go to is our bacon wrapped jalapeño poppers, but with large crowds it gets pretty time consuming. We took the great flavor of the poppers and simplified them into a dip.  Give this easy [..] read more

Grilled Deep Dish Pizza

1 year ago

to cook a pizza is on a BBQ. With the ability to cook at extremely high temperatures and the wood fired flavor, you’ll never use the oven again. Many of you have cooked frozen pizzas on the GMG (which turn out great) [..] read more

Time and Temps

1 year ago

we get asked are; what temperature do I cook this at? and how long will it take? We’ll give you some answers, but more importantly we want to show you what to look for and how to understand what your BBQ meat is doing [..] read more

Smokey Fried Chicken

1 year ago

it can be a beautiful thing. It’s hard to beat really good fried chicken, this past year we traveled across the country sampling fried chicken from a dozen or so places in the south. Since the trip we’ve been [..] read more

Smokey Chocolate Cake

1 year ago

p a little bit this time by moving from savory to sweet. GMGs not only produce great dinners but are the perfect way to step out of the box with desserts. We’ve created a rich, decadent and smokey cake made with [..] read more

Smoked Tamales

1 year ago

ition for many Americans, smoked tamales will be a hit at any Christmas party. We took the added challenge of cooking every part of the Tamales in the Smoker, including the steaming process. So get some friends together and [..] read more

Smoked Holiday Turkey

1 year ago

s again, this time with a beautiful smoked turkey. Everyone has their favorite turkey recipes make sure to add this one to your collection. Ingredients: 1 -14# Tom Turkey (cleaned and rinsed) 1 Cup Granulated Garlic ½ Cup [..] read more

Bacon Apple Pie

1 year ago

t could be more American.We had the pleasure of meeting Chef John at the World Food Championships in Florida and thankfully for all of us he agreed to share some of his amazing recipes here on the GMG Blog. [..] read more

Asian Short Ribs

1 year ago

of that rich beefy flavor everyone loves and to that we added some sweet, some salt and a little heat. They make a great appetizer or combine with some sides for a satisfying meal. Another great thing is they can be made the [..] read more

Pecan Pie Yams

1 year ago

s wrong with most side dishes? They’re not dessert. If your looking for a last minute dish to finish off the table for your Thanksgiving meal, look no further. Ingrediants  3 Large Yams 1/3 cup of butter 1/2 cup of [..] read more

Turkey Tips

1 year ago

ing color, and the smell of pumpkin pie spice is everywhere, time for turkey. Smoked Turkey is a beautiful thing, but getting a smoked turkey with crispy skin is even better. Here are some of our turkey tips to get you ready [..] read more

Honey Habanero Chicken

2 years ago

ory- that is all you need to satisfy any craving. We combined these 3 flavors by using honey, habanero chilis and a savory rub on some smoked chicken thighs for an out of this world experience. Honey glaze 1/2 cup of honey 1 [..] read more

The American Royal

2 years ago

Q competition road trip, a week ago, Monday morning; first driving through deserts, then mountains and finally prairies before arriving at the Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City late Wednesday night. The parking lot was almost [..] read more

Smoked S’more Dip

2 years ago

ly the easiest recipe out there. Four ingredients and 15 min is all you need to make this stunning dessert, perfect for any get together. Ingredients 2 tablespoons of butter 2 1/2 cups of chocolate chips (we used a mix of [..] read more

Buffalo Chicken Potato

2 years ago

ipe designed for my wife who loves baked potatoes and is an extreme chili head  (the hotter the better). Ingredients Large baked potatoes 1/2 a chicken breast per potato 1/2 a cup of buffalo hot sauce per chicken [..] read more

Chicken Wings

2 years ago

hrowing some variety into your dinner. How about chicken wings 3 ways? This recipe includes 3 versions of spicy and smokey chicken wings. We have a classic buffalo, an Asian sweet chili and a jalapeño lime. Fire up your [..] read more

Crying Tiger

2 years ago

ge Thai food fans. One of my personal favorites is Crying Tiger, thin strips of beef cooked medium rare with a spicy acidic dipping sauce. So why not incorparate some wood smoke into the dish and cook it on our Green [..] read more


2 years ago

arond bbq enough you’ve seen the now famous BBQ Fattie, which is basically sausage stuffed with cheese and wrapped in bacon. The other day while doing research for desserts and looking at an apple pie with latticing, [..] read more

Alabama White Chicken

2 years ago

page from of the famous Pitmaster Chris Lilly and making some white sauce chicken on the GMG. Big Bob Gibson is the creator of the infamous white sauce and is a world renowned BBQ restaurant in Decatur Alabama. This recipe [..] read more

Honey Sesame Chicken

2 years ago

year for block parties. Here is a recipe to feed a ton of people on a dime. We combine inexpensive boneless skinless chicken thighs,  a sweet and savory sauce and the smoke of your Green Mountain Grill for the perfect bite [..] read more

Turkey Drumsticks

2 years ago

s almost here. When I first started to BBQ I was asked to cook for our Fathers day meal. I wanted to make something a caveman would eat, and there is nothing more manly then a giant turkey drumstick. Here is my recipe for [..] read more

Margarita Shrimp

2 years ago

e, and we wanted to give you a healthy easy meal thats perfect for a hot summer night. With our margarita shrimp with coconut rice and mango salsa we combined fresh fruit, seafood, and little tequila for a taste of the [..] read more

Book Review

2 years ago

s, I have been dove head first into BBQ. I have read just about every BBQ blog, forum and book that is out there and have listened to countless hours of the BBQ Central Show. Yet the knowledge of BBQ is an unending pursuit. [..] read more

Grilled Caesar Salad

2 years ago

ot of bacon wrapped recipes on this page along with a fair share of sweets. For those looking for something a little more on the healthy side we have our Grilled Caesar Salad with homemade croutons. All aspects of this [..] read more

Grilled Bread Pudding

2 years ago

te desserts. This bread pudding is soft and pillowy with a vanilla maple syrup base that will remind you of french toast in the best possible way. Easy to make with simple ingredients. Kissed with a touch of wood smoke to [..] read more

Smoked Tri Tip Chili

2 years ago

like a hearty bowl of chili, put it in a sourdough bowl and it’s that much bettter. This recipe is a traditional meaty chili (beans optional), combining hamburger with smoked tri tip and a rich blend of [..] read more

Smoked Chicken & Rice

2 years ago

orite that kids and adults will love and with the added smoke and prosciutto it’s a one of a kind. Our recipe only takes a few minutes to prep, an hour to cook and has only one dish to clean, perfect for a busy [..] read more

Potato Skins

2 years ago

ight forward recipe that everyone will love. Potato..Cheese..Bacon what’s not to love. We took the standard potato skin recipe and added smoke and wrapped it in bacon. Enjoy! Ingredients 3 medium to small potatoes 2 [..] read more

The Science of Smoke

2 years ago

BBQ, BBQ. It’s what separates gas grills and crockpots from the true form of the American cuisine we all love. Smoke is just as important as any sauce or rub. Used correctly it is the salt and pepper of BBQ adding [..] read more

GMG Blog Giveaway

2 years ago

blog, we want to give away a GMG gift basket. To enter simply subscribe to our blog by entering your email on the right side of the screen, under “subscribe”. We will randomly choose a winner May 1st, 2015. [..] read more

Pork Belly Video Recipe

2 years ago

opportunity a couple times to experience delicately smoked pork belly, and since then have always wanted to make one myself. This video shows you an easy and delicious way to smoke a pork belly on a Green Mountain Grill. [..] read more

Corned Beef and Cabbage

2 years ago

Day is right around the corner and a time honored tradition for most is to make corned beef and cabbage for dinner. To be honest I never really was a fan of corned beef, but now looking back I think it was more of how it was [..] read more

Tri Tip

2 years ago

I’ve cooked more then any other and also one of the first things I learned how to BBQ. We stick to the basics and created true Santa Maria style marinade. Below you will find our recipe for our award winning tri [..] read more

Carne Asada

2 years ago

l time favorite foods. Often an overlooked cut of beef, skirt steak is rich, flavorful and tender. When you combine that with a Green Mountain Grills ability to infuse smoke while grilling it’s a winning combination. [..] read more

Sweet & Spicy Beef Jerky

2 years ago

road for a long BBQ trip I have to make a batch of beef jerky. There’s nothing that passes the time on the road better then finishing off a bag of moist beef jerky. We have a fail proof recipe to make you king of the [..] read more

Berry Cheesecake Cobbler

2 years ago

to feed a hungry crowd, with very little time. This recipe is a showstopper and a lifesaver. This is by far the easiest recipe to make, with very little clean up. Ingredients  6 oz of strawberry nectar 21 oz of [..] read more

Stained Walls & Sausage

2 years ago

and plenty of light left in the day we made our way north. We traveled the open road to the sausage capital of Texas, Elgin. The first thing you should know there are two main sausage staples in Elgin, Southside Market and [..] read more

Pulled Pork Video Recipe

2 years ago

pulled pork sandwich that could stand on its own as a meal… introducing ‘The Big Pete”. In this video we will show you how to smoke a pork butt, make coleslaw, fry a pickle and grill pig candy, turning them [..] read more

The Journey Continues

2 years ago

st of the tri-tip and pork loin for the demo in Arizona we got back on the road to continue the journey to the BBQ Mecca. The road through the desert of West Texas is a long and beautiful road especially during the sunset [..] read more

Heading East-Day 1

2 years ago

rills are packed up in the truck along with all the necessary gadgets and ingredients to compete in a BBQ competition. We’re heading east towards Phoenix for our first stop on the Texas BBQ road Trip. After driving [..] read more

BBQ Road Trip

2 years ago

cooking BBQ for a while you will develop a passion, that passion leads to an addiction and that addiction leads to an all encompassing lifestyle. You start to dream about BBQ whether you’re asleep or awake, you watch [..] read more

California BBQ

2 years ago

;t one of the first places you think of when it comes to BBQ but in Central California they have their own unique style. Santa Maria BBQ is a  land of salt, pepper and garlic Tri Tip. We had the pleasure of talking to [..] read more

Kansas BBQ

2 years ago

cally Kansas City for many it is the central hub of BBQ for in America. Kansas City is home to the Kansas City BBQ society , the largest competition BBQ sanctioning body. When most Americans think BBQ sauce they are thinking [..] read more

Texas BBQ

2 years ago

night are big and bright (clap..clap..clap..clap), deep in the heart of Texas”…and not to mention their great BBQ. Pitmasters Delayne Crow of Four Crows BBQ was kind enough to talk to us about Texas BBQ. Four [..] read more

Brisket Video Recipe

Smoke Ring
2 years ago

17;t anything better than brisket. It is also one of the more difficult meats to bbq and our most requested recipe people want help with. In the video below we will teach you how to cook using some very simple steps. There [..] read more

North Carolina BBQ

2 years ago

alk to Pitmasters Lionel Bateman from North Carolina about BBQ in his Region, one of the Pig Pickin’ Capitals Pitmaster Lionel Bateman Andy- What’s your earliest memory of BBQ? Lionel- Growing up in Northeast [..] read more

Bacon Mac & Cheese

2 years ago

American dish that brings back childhood memories to all adults. We have a small twist with this recipe, beyond the rich cheesiness, we’re going to add  bacon and some fruit wood smoke. Everything you need for a [..] read more

Tennessee BBQ

2 years ago

f Dry Rub Ribs and the Blues. We Spoke with Michael McDearman, A great BBQ Ambassador and Spokesman from Cookeville TN Michael McDearman Andy- “What’s your earliest memory of BBQ?” Michael– “At [..] read more

Regional BBQ

2 years ago

radition, a way of life and  for some a heated debate. Over the next few weeks we will be looking at the different BBQ regions. Every State has its claim to fame in the BBQ world and every person has their favorite style [..] read more

Smoked Carnitas

photo 5
2 years ago

t up a little bit and try something different. Smoked Carnitas- sounds like an oxymoron right? This recipe combines a traditional Carnitas dish with an untraditional technique and your Family and Friends will be asking for [..] read more

Beef Ribs

2 years ago

and smokey beef rib is a thing of beauty. With a dark and salty exterior bark giving away to tender juicy meat, no one can resist. Below is one of the simplest yet most satisfying recipes. Enjoy! Ingredients: Beef Back [..] read more

Smoked Prime Rib

2 years ago

e and everyone loves a good prime rib. The smell of garlic and rosemary , the crisp outside and the tender medium well center. Green Mountain Grills are perfect for cooking your prime rib. They have the ability to add a [..] read more

Smoked Ox Tail Tacos

2 years ago

ething different yet familiar. Tacos are a staple for many Americans, but have you ever tried them with ox tails? Here is the recipes for something smokey, savory, spicy and unique. Ox tails! Ingredients 1 ox tail 1 can of [..] read more

Winter Wonderland Contest

2 years ago

de is frightful, But the BBQ is so delightful… We want to see you brave the elements and light up those Green Mountain Grills. Make sure to include your Green Mountain Grill in your photo along with your amazing [..] read more