Time and Temps

2 years ago

we get asked are; what temperature do I cook this at? and how long will it take? We’ll give you some answers, but more importantly we want to show you what to look for and how to understand what your BBQ meat is doing [..] read more

Book Review

3 years ago

s, I have been dove head first into BBQ. I have read just about every BBQ blog, forum and book that is out there and have listened to countless hours of the BBQ Central Show. Yet the knowledge of BBQ is an unending pursuit. [..] read more

The Science of Smoke

3 years ago

BBQ, BBQ. It’s what separates gas grills and crockpots from the true form of the American cuisine we all love. Smoke is just as important as any sauce or rub. Used correctly it is the salt and pepper of BBQ adding [..] read more