Stained Walls & Sausage

2 years ago

and plenty of light left in the day we made our way north. We traveled the open road to the sausage capital of Texas, Elgin. The first thing you should know there are two main sausage staples in Elgin, Southside Market and [..] read more

The Journey Continues

2 years ago

st of the tri-tip and pork loin for the demo in Arizona we got back on the road to continue the journey to the BBQ Mecca. The road through the desert of West Texas is a long and beautiful road especially during the sunset [..] read more

Heading East-Day 1

2 years ago

rills are packed up in the truck along with all the necessary gadgets and ingredients to compete in a BBQ competition. We’re heading east towards Phoenix for our first stop on the Texas BBQ road Trip. After driving [..] read more

BBQ Road Trip

2 years ago

cooking BBQ for a while you will develop a passion, that passion leads to an addiction and that addiction leads to an all encompassing lifestyle. You start to dream about BBQ whether you’re asleep or awake, you watch [..] read more

California BBQ

2 years ago

;t one of the first places you think of when it comes to BBQ but in Central California they have their own unique style. Santa Maria BBQ is a  land of salt, pepper and garlic Tri Tip. We had the pleasure of talking to [..] read more

Kansas BBQ

2 years ago

cally Kansas City for many it is the central hub of BBQ for in America. Kansas City is home to the Kansas City BBQ society , the largest competition BBQ sanctioning body. When most Americans think BBQ sauce they are thinking [..] read more

Texas BBQ

2 years ago

night are big and bright (clap..clap..clap..clap), deep in the heart of Texas”…and not to mention their great BBQ. Pitmasters Delayne Crow of Four Crows BBQ was kind enough to talk to us about Texas BBQ. Four [..] read more

North Carolina BBQ

2 years ago

alk to Pitmasters Lionel Bateman from North Carolina about BBQ in his Region, one of the Pig Pickin’ Capitals Pitmaster Lionel Bateman Andy- What’s your earliest memory of BBQ? Lionel- Growing up in Northeast [..] read more

Tennessee BBQ

2 years ago

f Dry Rub Ribs and the Blues. We Spoke with Michael McDearman, A great BBQ Ambassador and Spokesman from Cookeville TN Michael McDearman Andy- “What’s your earliest memory of BBQ?” Michael– “At [..] read more