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Heading East-Day 1

The Green Mountain Grills are packed up in the truck along with all the necessary gadgets and ingredients to compete in a BBQ competition. We’re heading east towards Phoenix for our first stop on the Texas BBQ road Trip. After driving  5 hours through the dessert we arrive at our first stop being greeted with planes flying over our heads. As we pull into Little Miss BBQ the smell of Smoked brisket filled the air of the parking lot.8033760 An outdoor seating area next to the large smokers sets the mood for the rustic BBQ experience. We walked into the main dinning area were welcomed by the meat slicer and the menu written on butcher paper on the wall. IMG_2608Scott the owner treated us like kings, loading our plates full of smokey moist brisket, juicy peppery turkey, potato salad, amazing beans, bread and of course their great pecan pie. IMG_2448

We were on our way to Texas and found ourselves in Phoenix eating some amazing Texas Style BBQ. If this was any implication of what we would find farther down the road we were headed to magical land of meat.

We spent the next couple days teaching, cooking and talking BBQ at one of our great dealer BBQ Island. Then jumped back on the road to continue the trip towards Texas.IMG_2452

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