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Honey Jalapeno Baby Backs

Cooking BBQ competitions week end and week out We’ve cooked our fare share of ribs. With this recipe we wanted to simplify the rib cooking process and go as minimal as possible, letting that pork flavor shine. Of course we had to add that sweet and heat flavor profile that everyone loves on ribs.


2 racks of baby back ribs

kosher salt

coarse black pepper

1/4 cup of Honey

1/4 cup of fruit juice (apple or white grape work best)

1/2 of a jalapeño diced

1 tablespoon of white wine vinegar



Start by liberally seasoning the ribs with salt and pepper, let them sit while you set your grill to 250f. IMG_6375(Again we wanted to simplify these ribs so we are forgoing the normal 3-2-1 method you may be use to.) Place your ribs bone side down and smoke for 4-5 hours depending on the size. No spritzing needed.IMG_6387Make your glaze by combining and heating honey, juice, jalapeño and vinegar.IMG_6378 When your ribs are done ( when the bones start pulling back and they bend very easily and begin to crack when lifted up) apply the glaze to the top of ribs while on the smoker, continue to smoke for 10min before applying a second coat of glaze and removing. IMG_6390Make sure to let them rest 10 min before cutting. Sit back and enjoy those smokey, sweet, spicy and sticky ribs.

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