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Russian Shashlik

I was fortunate enough to spend two summers in Russia back in the early 2000s. During my stay there on the beaches near Vladivostok, we discovered some amazing Shashlik from the local outdoor food vendors. Shashlik is Russia’s version of shish kabobs, it can be made with lamb, beef or pork and is marinated in a mix of onion and garlic.We chose beef for this recipe but it will also work great for pork or lamb. Enjoy!


1 trimmed tri tip cubed into 1″ pieces

Kosher salt

4 bay leaves


1 large Sweet Onion

5 cloves of garlic

2 tablespoons of olive oil

1 1/2 tablespoons of oregano

3 teaspoons of salt

3 teaspoons of black pepper

juice of half a lemon

1/4 cup of white wine vinegar

1/4 cup of water



Start by cutting your tri tip into 1 inch pieces.IMG_7169 Next quarter the onion and remove skin. Place all of your marinade ingredients into a blender or food processor and blend until the onion is pureed and smooth.


IMG_7167 In a large ziplock bag add your meat, marinade and bay leaves, take the time to massage the marinade into the meat. Then place into the refrigerator for 4-6 hours. After the meat has marinated for 4-6 hours remove, skewer and season lightly with kosher salt.IMG_7172 Set your GMG to 450F ( if you have the two piece drip tray open the holes). Grill for 10-15 minutes or until internal temp hits 140f. Make sure to rotate the skewers frequently. Let rest 10 min and enjoy!IMG_7174



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