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Regional BBQ

BBQ is an American Tradition, a way of life and  for some a heated debate. Over the next few weeks we will be looking at the different BBQ regions. Every State has its claim to fame in the BBQ world and every person has their favorite style they will argue is the best. We will interview different Pitmasters from around the country and find out what makes their style stand out from the rest. We will be looking at 5 different states, for this first round;

Texas– Known for their brisket and beef ribs

Kansas– With their sweet tomato based sauce

Tennessee– Dry Ribs are the staple in Memphis

North Carolina– The Vinegar Sauce and Pork

California-Using Open flame Santa Maria BBQs

Stay tuned  and make sure to subscribe to learn more about Regional BBQ styles, and recipes from Pitmasters across the country.

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